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Illumine is committed to working with schools in a spirit of co-operation, holding a vision of each school's true potential. Our services are based on a passionate belief that with the right strategic development, all schools have the potential to become – or move towards becoming – centres of excellence.

We provide precisely tailored services to support schools in increasing their capacity to improve. A range of options is available, but all our work focuses on the key themes of raising achievement, improving the quality of teaching and increasing the effectiveness of leadership at all levels.

Illumine's consultancy, coaching, training and publications are designed and delivered by experts to reflect best practice and current priorities in schools, as well as being closely matched to the latest inspection Framework. Our services, therefore, provide a potentially powerful tool for transformation, regardless of an establishment's context or stage of development.

To enquire about any of our services, or to request bespoke support, please use the enquiry form on the 'Contact Us' page or email and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.



'Illumine's self-evaluation system is fresh, attainable, liberating, the first thing that's not overwhelming, it's like an open window, it involves everybody so that outcomes just tumble from it… It is brilliant, dynamic and I can see it really fitting us and working for us. It means we can enjoy the security. It has taken away a massive worry and means demonstrating improvement won't need to be the huge headache that it would have been.' Headteacher, Wren Spinney Community Special School

'The money spent on the SEF check from Illumine has been the best value for money expenditure our school has made this year. The detailed commentary on every element of our SEF was clear, honest and to the point. It provided excellent advice on how best to improve our document. Working with Illumine on the SEF process has enabled us to construct a robust SEF that allows us to go into the inspection process with much greater confidence. I cannot recommend the SEF check from Illumine highly enough'. Headteacher, Byron Primary School

'I have only positives to say about Illumine. The feedback about our self-evaluation was honest and pointed out all the weaknesses as well as, of course, the strengths. In particular, Illumine helped me to edit down the content, work out what to put where, focus on the impact of our work, and how to address the difficult aspects, for a special school, of providing the relevant evidence. I was then in a strong position to take self-evaluation to consultation with staff and governors. I am delighted to report that we have just received an 'outstanding' grade in our recent inspection and equally delighted to report that Illumine was a very strong, professional and caring guide in that process.'
Headteacher, The Children's Hospital School at Great Ormond Street and UCH

'I was so pleased when I realised the school was working with you. You are not like other inspectors: you really get underneath the skin of a school and provide clear, practical guidance on what can be done to improve.' Local authority adviser