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  Improving Teaching and Learning

Developing senior and middle leaders' skills in lesson observation is a key focus for many schools, since effective lesson observation lies at the heart of raising pupils' achievement and increasing school effectiveness. This service consists of the following:

  • before an initial school visit, the consultant analyses RAISE and looks at the school's summary self-evaluation, identifying some emerging themes (this typically takes half a day);

  • on-site time involves coaching and supporting senior and / or middle leaders through a series of joint lesson observations;

  • it involves joint monitoring of teachers' planning and of the school's systems for scrutinising pupils' work, with the use of assessment and differentiation at the heart of the evidence sought;

  • it includes a close evaluation of how the school records, synthesises and uses information from the monitoring of teaching and learning to drive improvement;

  • the number of on-site days – and how these are spread out - will depend on the school's needs and circumstances;

  • an optional written report on key points for development typically takes half a day of the consultant's time following an on-site visit or series of visits.