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Illumine undertakes whole school reviews and in-depth reviews of chosen aspects of your school's practice. The review focuses on identifying existing strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement. Reviews provide an opportunity for senior and / or middle leaders to work alongside the consultant(s) and, so, offer a very practical form of professional development.

The review:

  • provides a detailed analysis of RAISE, your self-evaluation summary and other documents requested electronically in advance, to provide a context and determine the focus for time spent in school;

  • includes on-site observation of lessons (usually undertaken jointly with senior leaders), scrutiny of in-school documentation and interviews with key staff and, where relevant, with other stakeholders;

  • provides every opportunity for leaders to discuss how evidence might be strengthened and key improvements put into place;

  • can take whatever form is most useful for your school, whether through consecutive days on site or through a series of visits over a longer period of time, giving you the chance to follow up each visit with identified actions for improvement;

  • each visit or series of visits can be followed by a full or summary written report (taking one day or half a day off-site consultant time).