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Drawing on extensive educational experience and counselling skills, Illumine is able to provide coaching for senior and middle leaders to:

  • provide a confidential arena in which the leader can explore and clarify their career path and aspirations
  • increase an individual’s overall effectiveness or skills in a particular area, such as the leadership of teaching and learning
  • address areas that individuals find particularly challenging and which are holding them back in their present role or preventing them seeking promotion.

Coaching can be supplemented by other services, such as paired lesson observation, support in evaluating an area of responsibility or in planning improvements.

Coaching sometimes consists of a single session at a key point for an individual or a series of sessions to provide ongoing support.

Illumine also facilitates the appraisal of headteachers, by:

  • providing the necessary documentation to support the appraisal process
  • facilitating an in-school meeting with the headteacher, governors and all parties together
  • supporting the headteacher and governors as they reflect and make decisions about progress on the previous year’s objectives
  • supporting them in identifying new objectives, success criteria and milestones for the coming year
  • ensuring that the governing body has effective procedures in place to monitor progress towards the objectives
  • advising governors on the wording of the objectives and providing a final check to make sure all necessary elements have been covered.