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 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Review

The review places a strong emphasis on raising leaders' awareness of what best practice looks like. It draws on extensive inspection experience and early years expertise. It involves:

  • scrutinising the data on entry to and exit from the EYFS, including that provided by the local authority;

  • a close look at the school's systems for observing, assessing, recording and tracking children's progress, and for celebrating their achievement in individual profiles or learning journals;

  • direct observation of a number of sessions (jointly with a senior or middle leader if desired);

  • discussion about and scrutiny of the school's systems for involving parents as partners in their children's education and assessment, and of other partnerships;

  • exploration of the scope of the curriculum and its planning, including through the use of visits and visitors;

  • focusing on aspects of EYFS leadership and development planning to see how well the school is driving improvement and identifying the right priorities for improvement.